Worker's Compensation was created to help workers who have been injured on the job to cover their medical expenses and lost wages.

Most worker's compensation programs pay 100 percent of medical expenses and up to 2/3 of wage loss benefits.

Do you know someone claiming to have been injured on the job and know that is not where the injury occurred?  Or that the injury isn't as serious as is being claimed? Or didn't happen at all?  Or they are claiming an old injury, not a new one?  Or they have recovered from their injury, but are still claiming to be hurt?

If you know someone like this, report them.  The money they're stealing doesn't belong to the insurance company (or in some states, the state worker's compensation program).

It's your money - your premiums are paying him or her or your tax dollars are.

Tens of billions of dollars are paid each year for worker's compensation fraud.

This not only hurts employers, it can hurt their employees, as well.

Employers get hit with higher premiums reducing the employer's profits and that means other honest employees get reduced benefits or wages, or lost jobs.  Or, the public pays higher prices for goods or services when premium costs are passed on to the consumer.  That means YOU!

Employer fraud can occur when

        - employers report fewer employees than they have
        - report employees as working in safer jobs than they are
        - avoid paying work comp premium by setting up dummy corporations

Get mad!

Report fraud.