The definition of attorney fraud various from state to state and can involve any numbers of types of fraud perpetrated on the client or upon the court.

Illinois has our favorite definition of this crime:  "anything calculated to deceive whether it be by direct falsehood or by innuendo, by speech or silence, by word of mouth, by look, or by gesture. Fraud includes the suppression of the truth, as well as the presentation of false information."

A few examples of attorney fraud:

        - Skimming settlement fees - claiming the settlement was less than received.
        - Billings abuses - charging more time than was used or for services not performed.
        - Power of attorney fraud - the POA is misused by the attorney for his or her own gain.
        - Today many are getting in on mortgage rescue/loan modification loans and debt relief scams. 
        - Division of fees with a personal representative of an estate
        - Embezzlement of trust funds.
        - A suspended or disbarred lawyer using another's bar number/name.