The few pages found in this section of our website only scratch the surface of the numerous frauds being perpetrated against the American public.

As you read these pages, you'll think to yourself, "What, there's no way I could get taken like this!"

Think again...these fraudsters are very slick characters. They are VERY skilled at earning your trust. Because you see, for the fraud to work, they know they must earn your trust and that's where they begin. The second part of the scam, is that you must think you're getting a great deal or you will make great profits from the scam.

Let's face it, we all want to live the American Dream. We'd like to never have to worry about paying the bills next month. So the prospect of easy money is very tempting. Scammers know that and they play upon those temptations.

Time after time, we read articles in the paper or hear it on the nightly news, where seniors were ripped off by home repair services who re-asphalted their driveway for a great price, only to learn later, as the asphalt is breaking apart, that they DID NOT get a great deal.

We all know that if it's too good to be true, that it probably is, but, still, we think it won't happen to us.

Consider this one. A good looking young man with a winning smile walked into the bank before closing and innocently picked up a handful of deposit envelopes. After closing this same young man came back to the bank dressed in security guard clothing. After placing the "out of order" sign on the ATM, he simply waited for his first "customer."

Upon the arrival of the customer, he explained that the ATM was not working and the bank had placed him outside the ATM to provide good customer service. His instructions were to accept the deposits from the customers (providing them a receipt, of course), which would be deposited to their account the following morning. For those looking to make a withdrawal, he was instructed to write down the account number of the ATM card and obtain the PIN. He was authorized to provide cash up to $100.00.

Now think about this. Be honest with yourself. A good looking guy with a winning smile, wearing a uniform! Now tell me there is absolutely NO WAY you would not have fallen for this? Uniforms denote authority. We are raised to accept that fact and told time and again as children that we can trust the policeman wearing a uniform. It is ingrained in us to trust them. And it is very hard not to.

One man gave up the days receipts from his business totaling over $100,000.00. If it had been him alone, it would have been quite a haul that night for this young man. As it was, not a single person doubted his story and every one gave him their money or their account and PIN.

And remember, since the money did not get deposited into the bank, it was NOT FDIC insured.

Be very, very careful America!