Most of us have, at one time or another, received a phone call, a letter or an email that advises we have an amount of unclaimed money. For a percentage of the booty, the person or company who has contacted us will act as our agent and recover this money.

Where's the fraud?

Usually in the implied representation that YOU need THEM.

If you agree to retain their services, and sign accordingly, they will tell you how much money they have found and where it is. They will then get it for you and take their agreed upon percentage. You have no risk if they do not ask for money/expenses up front, however the blunt truth is that you could easily claim the money yourself for the cost of a postage stamp and not have to share a dime of it.

There are free government websites that will allow you to search at no cost. There are also FOR-PROFIT WEBSITES that will let you search your name for free, but if you want to find out exactly what the $435 you are owed is (or if it long ago expired), you must first join their club and pay for the privilege of pulling a predetermined number of searches on their database. All we can say is WATCH OUT.