In the late 90's, there was a fatal accident on a southern California freeway. There were four men in the car when it crashed; three were pulled out alive. The injuries were severe and none were conscious. Broken bones, internal injuries, head injuries - it was bad.

As is generally the case when an unconscious person is wheeled into the E.R., doctors and nurses go to work to save a life. At the same time they attempt to find out WHO the injured person is, so that they can notify the family. The best place to find identifying information is in the patient's pocket/wallet.

In the case of the driver of the car, they had a hard time figuring out who he was even though his pockets were full of identification. How is that, you say? Well, because this guy had seventeen driver's licenses; all current and all with his picture on them

Think about it.

Is there any valid/honest reason for an ordinary citizen to carry 17 sets of identification? In this particular case, the driver was a Professional Freeway Accident Participant. He was employed by a shady attorney firm and charged with the duty to produce injured clients for lawsuits. Since he staged an accident 3-4 times a day, he NEEDED 17 driver's licenses. It wouldn't look right on his records, if all those accidents were attributable to one guy.

Technology is catching up to fraud, but not fast enough to keep YOUR money in YOUR pocket right NOW. Until such time as technology is 100% effective in cases of multiple identities or stolen identities, we need your help.

Fight fraud America.