Sadly, within the insurance industry, there are also crooked adjusters. It is unfortunate, in fact, that there is no industry or profession that does not include those that wish to take advantage of the system.

Adjuster's (and agent's claim staff) have access to much of your information. Policy information can be easily accessed and imaginary claims reported. Addresses are changed to mail drop boxes (or those of relatives) where payments can be sent.

Imaginary passengers can be added to a real accident claim, again setting up mail drops for the payments.

Many of us simply pay the premium when it comes due without really looking at why the premium payment increased. If you see "accident surcharge" and you didn't have an accident, it's time to find out why.

Injury claims don't always increase your premium (depending on your carrier), so it might be worthwhile once a year to give your agent a call to confirm there's been no activity.
If you have an accident, get the names of everyone involved and request that the agent remark on the claim that there were NO OTHER PASSENGERS. If you report your claim on line, make the same comment.

Fortunately, adjuster fraud appears to be uncommon to the industry, but it does happen.