• When purchasing a used car, take a closer look.
  • Does the VIN plate look like a factory install?
  • Does the VIN on the dash match the VIN's under the hood or on the door?
  • Does the VIN match the VIN on the title?
Auto theft used to be the domain of teens who were looking for a joy ride for the night.

Not so anymore.

  • Auto theft has become a multi-billion dollar industry perpetrated by organized groups for various reasons.
  • Using the parts. (A car that you buy for $20, 000 off the lot is instantly worth three times that amount if sold part by part.)
  • VIN switching to sell them (typically using a Vehicle Identification Number from a wrecked car).

Shipping them in containers to various overseas countries to be sold for high dollars. So few containers get checked going out-bound that this is a VERY lucrative business.

Few, if any, cars are theft-proof.

Law enforcement is over-whelmed with this problem. If you think a car is being stolen, contact law enforcement (don't try to stop a thief yourself). Get a description of the perpetrator and the license plate of the vehicle.