You're driving along and see a white tent with a sign advertising "FREE ROCK CHIP REPAIR".

Remember, NOTHING is FREE!

But you have a rock chip and decide you have the time to get it fixed. Wanting to protect your windshield from getting a huge crack, you decide to stop in and take advantage of this offer. After all, FREE is a great price!

Your rock chip gets repaired, but you have to give the shop your insurance information. You see, it's free for you, but somebody always pays.

You hand over your insurance information and go on your merry way assured that all is well in the world.

Well, it might be, but then, maybe not.

Here's the scam - the glass shop may bill for repairing more than one rock chip or they may bill the insurance company for replacing the windshield. Yep, REPLACING the windshield.

And here's the rest of the story - most insurance companies have an arrangement with glass repair shops based on their location. A glass shop in a metropolitan area usually gets paid a lower replacement cost for glass, as their volume is high. But a shop located in a rural area gets paid more for the replacement windshield because their volume is low. There are typically 5 zones based on zip codes for glass replacement fees. Some disreputable shops have opened a "satellite" office (typically a mail drop box) so they can bill the higher rate from the rural drop box. The replacements are done in the metro area, but the billing comes out of the rural address. A great way to increase their profits!

Who's paying for it? YOU are!

If you take advantage of the chip repair, call you agent and let him/her know how many rock chips were repaired.

If you get any of your vehicle windows replaced, call your agent and let him know where your car was located when the glass was replaced.