AKA Auto Theft - NOT!

Owners who want to get rid of their cars arrange with someone (usually a friend or co-worker or with another family member) to have their car "stolen."

The reasons are limitless, but are typically because:

  • The car is in need of major mechanical repair.
  • They're upside down on a lease.
  • They owe more for the car than it's worth and can't sell it or trade it for what they owe.
  • They were involved in a hit and run accident and want to claim the car was stolen so they are not responsible for the accident claim.

Who pays for those who get by with this scheme? YOU do!

But there's some good news, too. More than often they get caught. And sent to jail. It's where they belong ... because their act of theivery takes YOUR money. The majority of them are caught by insurance company investigators. Some of them are caught because people like YOU report the crime.