The National Retail Security Survey tells us to add another $16 billion a year to the cost of consumer fraud - because nearly 10% of all returns are fraudulent.

Just like other forms of fraud, there are people who consider bogus retail returns their primary employment. Instead of going to work in an office building, a restaurant, a factory or any of the myriad other places that Joe and Jane Honest American work, these people prefer to let YOU pay for THEIR lifestyle

Take the case of Fred and Frieda, a brother sister team who would easily scam hundreds of dollars a day via receipt hunting. First they'd scour empty shopping carts for receipts; then they'd enter the store, find the matching merchandise and carry it over to the service counter to "return" it. This one is called "Shoplisting."

Other schemes include switching bar codes, swapping packaging, or something called "wardrobing." Some people think this is perfectly acceptable behavior, but if the store can't put the item back on the shelf -- somebody has to cover the cost. Guess who? YOU DO.

Here's a visual for you. $16 BILLION a year translates to stealing about $225 from every family of four. Fight back, America. If you see something dishonest going on, grab a security guard and MAKE HIM LISTEN. Smack him up a few times.

Okay, we're just kidding about that last sentence; we wanted to make sure that you were paying attention. And we hope that you are!