Catastrophe Fraud -- Catastrophes bring out best in most people...but the worst in others. The horrors of 911, the Tsunami, Katrina and more have been the basis for many forms of fraud.

  • Emergency funds were claimed by people who had no right to those funds.
  • Life insurance claims were filed for people who were still alive.
  • An auto with a blown engine in Montana was claimed as having been swept away in the flood waters. 
  • Damages that never occurred, items missing that were never lost, or spoiled food that never existed were all claimed after Katrina.
  • Even the Homeless Shelters in Texas housed and fed opportunists who were no where near where Katrina hit.

After Katrina, non-damaged buildings were intentionally flooded, sometimes with a garden hose, in order to present an insurance claim. (Hmm? Where the mud? The debris?)

The list is too long for this or any website, but the bottom line is again that Joe and Jane America pay for every form of fraud. There are no free rides. 

Do you know someone who committed fraud following a catastrophe? Report them!