Here's a little story for you.

The insured's name was Boris Pastovich and he lived in a beautiful white house high in the Hollywood Hills. His sister, Bella, had a very bad back. She was in a lot of pain. Unfortunately she had no insurance.

She came to Boris with an idea. She was using a cane and her face was drawn tight with the pain. Boris, you have homeowners' insurance, right?"

He replied, "Yeah, yeah, I got the best that there is. So what,"

"I need your help, brother," she said. "If I fall down in your house, perhaps on a carpet or a loose step, I will have medical coverage under your own policy. It won't cost anybody a dime except the insurance company." And with that she fell onto the floor and told her brother to call 911.

A fire engine and two ambulances arrived. Bella was well studied. She knew exactly what to tell the pesky insurance investigators. Bella, you see, was smart. Just because she was easily paid on a valid claim in 2004, and was running out of money - did not mean that she could simply "take" somebody else's money. Unfortunately for Bella, a smart forensics expert proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that the claim was at least partially fraudulent. 

Had she collected, chances are that she would have disappeared with the money. She didn't, perhaps, know to expect visitors.

Yup. Police. And as the true story expanded, a few of the guys, in custody on other charges, decided if it meant getting out of their own purgatory, they would turn over a bigger scam than theirs: Bill and Bella's

Believe it or not, there are people who MAKE THEIR LIVING by tripping on your steps, breaking a tooth on something you served them for lunch, or participating in a staged auto accident. They are systemically taking YOUR money. Straight out of your pocket.

Get mad America. Fight Back!