There's are a few things in life worse than returning home to find you've been robbed.

Unfortunately, there are those who not only take advantage of such a situation, but those who go so far as to create the situation in the first place. And guess who pays for it? YOU do.

Take the case of Linda. Linda decided she needed some extra cash. So she packed up several items and took them off to the storage facility. Next she called the police to file a "theft" report.

After filing her report, she decided she omitted a few items and called the reporting officer to add more.

The next day, she and her son took her beat up old car off to the woods and set fire to it. It seems the thieves took her car keys from the cupboard and came back the next day for her car.

But Linda's scheme failed. Not only did she not get paid, she now owes the insurance company.

Others, do get paid. Do you know someone who has perpetrated this scheme and gotten away with it?

Take YOUR insurance premium bill to THEM and ask them to pay it. After all, they just took money from YOUR pocket, right? Why shouldn't you ask them to pay your bills?


Report fraud.