Westbury, NY:  The US Attorney's Office indicted a man for perpetrating a $507,000 fraud against Northwestern Mutual. All the while he was claiming severe disabilities and collecting a monthly check, he was also operating a succession of businesses.

Peoria, IL: It cost the Social Security system $112,000 in benefits before the scam was uncovered and the owner of a Limo service was arrested, prosecuted and jailed.

Kansas City, MO: $331,000 worth of fraud here, this time due to shady business dealings in which Medicare was billed for expensive power wheelchairs and the patients received far less expensive scooters.

Disability fraud can be against private insurance companies, the Social Security system, the Federal or State health insurance system or a private employer. It can happen anywhere and any time.

If you are reading this on a computer screen, do an experiment. Go to www.google.com and enter "Disability Fraud" "2006" and look at how many hits you get. Forty Four thousand and Five Hundred!!!!

Every one of these frauds has one thing in common. YOU pay for it.

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