How well do you know your druggist? Do you use the same pharmacy for every purchase? Do they know you by sight?

Prescription fraud comes in plenty of shapes, colors and sizes. The culprits are usually pharmacists - a real sadness.

Here are a few things that can happen  if you are not paying attention:

  • Check your drugstore records every month or so. Were the items billed to YOUR insurance all for you? It's common to have an employee fill a prescription for a customer who never ordered it and if your name is used to get it, you will know nothing about it.
  • First check if you received the proper prescription.
  • Count your tablets. If your doctor ordered 40 of them, did you get that many?
  • If the pills are not having an effect on your for the first couple of days, you might even have to check further. A crooked pharmacist will take half or more of the medicine out of the capsule.

Here's another way it happens:

In that case let your insurance company know immediately.

It's YOUR money that's being stolen. Fight Fraud America.