SSI is a complicated program provided by the government from the General Funds account and administered by the Social Security Administration. The funds are not tied to those payments deducted from your paycheck each month, but provided solely through taxation.

The amount paid under the SSI program depends upon:

  1. How much other income an individual receives;
  2. The living arrangements of the individual; and
  3. Other circumstances that affect an individual's financial needs.

If any of these circumstances change, the amount paid under SSI may also be subject to change.

Poor Jane. She filed for SSI benefits stating she had never before filed using another name or SSN other than her own. When, in fact, she had created a false identity and obtained a second SSN, which she also used to apply for SSI benefits.

Joe was receiving SSI and signed off on his subsequent Reports of Continuing Disability that he had no resources or assets, omitting he had received a $75,000 settlement in a personal injury claim.

Jane and Joe are no longer collecting SSI, but they are enjoying the benefits of a six by eight foot cell (including a room-mate). Upon their release they will be required to make restitution.

Do you know someone who is collecting SSI when they shouldn't be?

If you don't want to report them, would you please take them in and care for them, so the rest of us don't have to pay for them with our tax dollars?