There is no such thing as a Free Lunch. We've all heard this before. Essentially it translates to "everything has a price tag." But let's talk specifically about the exact wording of "There is no such thing as a FREE LUNCH" and how it applies to seniors.

Senior citizens, often lonely and sometimes bored, are quick to agree to a telephone, door-to-door or mail solicitation offering them either a free lunch or a free dinner.

The actual event may be disguised in a number of ways. Sometimes it is described as an Opinion Poll and the senior is told that a Research Company wants their opinion on a new product or marketing concept. Other times it may openly be explained as a "whole new way of investing that guarantees a steady income for the rest of your life." These fraudsters are not stupid; they study their prey and then specifically target the weak spot. The ultimate goal, however, is to part the senior with his/her money.

The SEC has seen a dramatic increase in investment fraud scams targeting seniors. And there are a whole lot of seniors to target right now An astounding 91% of all money is this country is held by those over 40 years old. If anything, this leads us to believe that this problem is going to get far worse before it gets better. So let's make sure that nobody steals money from YOU (if you are a senior) or from anyone you care about (mother, father, neighbor, friend)...or from ANY OTHER SENIOR or from anybody at all, regardless of their age.

Which Seniors are most at risk? Well, consider these facts about the AVERAGE victim:


  1. He is an educated male with a higher than average level of income.
  2. He is experiencing a "negative life event." It could be a death, a divorce, an illness or financial trouble. Even stress related to something to do with his children or other family members.


PLEASE PAY ATTENTION to every page in this section. Senior frauds stretch from an increase in simple thefts (e.g., purse snatching) all the way up to frauds that cause death.

Scamming senior citizens is a travesty. Thus, throughout the entire Fight Fraud America website, we say the following three words the loudest.