Alabama 1


Massachusetts 6

New Mexico 4

South Dakota 14




New York 8

Tennessee 15

Arizona 2



North Carolina 9

Texas 16



Mississippi 7

North Dakota

Utah 17

California 1








Oklahoma 10

Virginia 18




Oregon 11


Delaware 3

Louisiana 5



West Virginia



New Hampshire

Rhode Island 12

Wisconsin 19



New Jersey

South Carolina 13

Wyoming 20

Georgia 4



  1. Some available on line, others are licensed by county and/or city.
  2. Not searchable on line. Link to information to contact the Louisiana Department of Revenue
  3. Massachusetts only requires a business certificate for a d/b/a (doing business as), if the business name is other than your own. These are required to be filed only in the city where the entity is doing business. If there is a business location in more than one city, then the license is required in each city.
  4. Mississippi does not require a business license (for most non-professional businesses) as a sole proprietorship or partnership, but local laws may require a license. To determine if a license is required, contact the local Clerk's office.
  5. New York requires businesses in a name other than your own to register with the state (this does not mean there is a LICENSE). Sole proprietorships, partnerships and others not of the corporate kind are required to register with the County Clerk.
  6. The type of business structure determines where a business name (assumed name) should be registered. A Certificate of Assumed Name for sole proprietorships and partnerships must be filed with the Register of Deeds in the county or counties where businesses plan to operate.
  7. Not every trade requires a business license in Oklahoma. And not every business has to be registered with the Secretary of State.
  8. If the business activity type is state regulated, a license may be needed at the state level. Business licenses in general are obtained from the city in which the business is transacted.
  9. Appears only some businesses are required to be licensed by the state. This link provides a list of those businesses with links to check their license status. Others appear to require licensing at the local city or county level. The Secretary of State website was down at the time of this entry, so information is limited for this state.
  10. Unclear as to whether the Secretary of State's database includes d/b/a (Fictitious Name) entities.
  11. South Dakota law requires partnerships and sole proprietorships that use fictitious names to register their businesses with the county Register of Deeds Office.
  12. Database search may not include sole proprietorships or partnerships. It is generally necessary to obtain one or more local business licenses from city or county where the business operates.
  13. Operating a business under a name other than the sole proprietor in Texas requires an Assumed Name Certificate (d/b/a) must be filed with the county clerk.
  14. All businesses must obtain a business license from the local city or county in Utah where the business is conducted. All businesses are required to register with the Utah Department of Commerce.
  15. Unclear if this search also includes sole proprietorships. Select "Clerks Information System" to access the database. "Business" in Virginia is defined as including sole proprietorships, but they are not listed as included in the database on the website.
  16. A sole proprietor who wishes to conduct business under a name other than the real name of the person may elect to file a Registration of Firm Name with the county Register of Deeds according to the instructions. A sole proprietor can also elect to file a trade name with the Secretary of State. On-line search not available.
  17. In Wyoming, sole proprietorships are not required to register with the Secretary of State's Office. However, those entities may wish to register their business name as a Trade Name.
  1. Licensed by County - links to County page.
  2. Requires license number to verify
  3. Delaware businesses are registered in each county at the Prothonotary Office of the Superior Court in each county. Information is listed below:

New Castle County Kent County Sussex County
Superior Court
Office of the Prothonotary
500 North King Street, Wilmington
(302) 255-0800
Superior Court
Office of the Prothonotary
38 The Green
(302) 739-3184
Superior Court
Office of the Prothonotary
The Circle
(302) 856-5263

* Note - registration and licensing mean different things in different states. We have attempted to provide accurate information on this page, but we do not have the staff to confirm the licensing/registration requirements for each state. These links will get you started on your search and that is the sole intent of this page. If you cannot verify a business using these links, contact the county or city to determine if a local business license is required. This link will help you identify counties in each state: NACO.  After confirming a license exists, you should also check Better Business Bureau business search and the state's Attorney General's office, Consumer Protection Division for any complaints against the business. You may want to contact the state's Department of Revenue or Taxation Division to confirm business licensing for an entity. If the business is required to be registered and not registered with them, they will want to know, as it is likely the business is not paying taxes. Another source of information in each state is the Department of Labor. Registration may also be required by that department.