It's 10 AM and you're in the middle of washing the kitchen floor. Suddenly the phone rings, so you drop the sponge back into the bucket and crawl over to answer the phone. "Mrs. Bibigbottom, we've got a very special deal for you today. We just finished carpeting a home one block west of you and they overbought the carpet. Rather than sending it back to the factory. we are prepared to give it to you at an unbelievable low price.


"Hello Mrs. Bibingottom, we're in the neighborhood an noticed that there is a crack in your front window,. We just happen to have a correctly sized piece of glass in our truck, and it's right down the street from you, so w're prepared to give you a special deal

Umm Hmmmmm.

Hey Lady. I'll give you three of these tapes for $10. I got 'em by a special purchase, and you look like you enjoy music.


If it sounds too good to be true? Walk away!!!!!!!