Truth in Advertising?

"Obtain your diploma, bachelors' or Masters' in 2 weeks time from prestigious universities based on your present knowledge and life experience. No tests, exams or classes required. Call us now to receive yours today! 1(555)219-2907 (be sure to clearly speak your name and phone number, so that we can return your call). Confidentiality Assured."


Maybe you first need to find out exactly how prestigious these universities really are? And why does it take two weeks? Is that how long it takes for these guys to get your money and make sure it clears your bank? How impressed is a future employer going to be when they find out that you have a Masters' in Business Administration from Magnetron Hypertension University, a place that has its entire campus in a Post Office Box?

Our advice? Save your hard-earned dollars unless you want your diploma from "Dope U" or "Igotscammed College."