Phony Documentation -- driver's license, social security card and, if you smile pretty, we might even be able to get you a birth certificate.

There was a time when a copy machine or a printer was pretty low on the technological totem pole. Not so anymore. Not only do the bad guys have all sorts of duplicating machinery available to them, but they have all the state-of-the-art products.

You want a Wisconsin license? Gimme 2 minutes.

You want a SSN issued in Montana? Just a second.

Tell you what, I'll throw a birth certificate in for free!

Perhaps $100 changes hands, but Barthalomew Badguy now has a whole new set of identity and it might be YOURS. The mind boggles at what he can do with it,

Maybe he'll take out a few credit cards in your name.

Maybe he will turn on utilities under your name.

Maybe he'll file for YOUR tax refund.

There is only one thing for sure ... one way or another, he's gonna steal from you. 

Paying out bogus claims causes all costs to go up. Guess who gets to pay? Big surprise...YOU DO!!!!!

Get mad, America.

Get really, really, really, mad.

In the case of Social Security Disability, these crooks are stealing YOUR FUTURE.