We've recently received some disturbing information regarding Health Care Disciplinary Boards not living up to the public trust.

Apparently this has been an on-going problem in WA State as far back as 1990 as evident from this editorial responding to a Seattle PI article.

Here's a few articles in an on-going series entitled "Toothless:  Washington's Lax Dental Oversight" (Seattle PI 2005) questioning the disciplinary actions in the State of Washington:  These links are to the individual articles.

Some dentists barred elsewhere practice here

From the case files ...

From the case files ... (2)

Two deaths, no fault

Death cases closed quietly

Dental board unaware of death

Punishment for Dentists?  They just go to class

'Experts' are key in dental cases

Changes urged to improve system

A dentist here could have had his license revoked elsewhere

From the case files ...

Legislators urged to fix dental regulation


Fifth dental death in 3 years 

Enough scrutiny in dental deaths?


License to Harm - Seattle PI 2006

The weakest pay the price for anemic state oversight - Seattle Times 2006

Performance Audit Report Department of Health Health Professions Quality Assurance Executive Summary - August 21, 2007

Public Citizen’s Health Research Group Ranking of the Rate of State Medical Boards’ Serious Disciplinary Actions, 2006-2008 (HRG Publication #1868)

What the state didn't know about doctor, malpractice suit - Seattle Times 2007

In California 2009:

Schwarzenegger Replaces Most of State Nursing Board

State board slow to deal with problem nurses, investigation shows

Problem nurses stay on the job as patients suffer


L.A. County failed to act on crime checks

In Florida 2009:

Dentist sued, accused of dropping tools down patient's throat -- twice - Our question is what was happening at the Dental Board between the two events?  Apparently, not much.

Good news for Nevada citizens:

Nevada revamps its medical board

While we cannot speak for all Health Care Disciplinary Boards, this is an area that should be addressed.

Are these Boards protecting the people to whom they have a public obligation or are they protecting their providers?

We recently found this site that raises questions about the peer review process:  Alliance for Patient Safety. Of particular interest are their articles:  Rape of the Medical Peer Review Process in the USA

Here are some recommendations from Citizen.org

We'll be looking for stories from other states in the coming days.

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