For as long as I can recall, various studies done by the insurance industry year after year have revealed that 25% of the population believes insurance fraud is "okay." It's NOT!

Somehow, we seem to have lost an entire generation. Changing the mores of so many adults is a near impossible task, but morally educating the next generation, our school-aged children, is still possible. The teen years are our last opportunity to instill a core sense of honesty in those who will soon be adults. It is an opportunity that we cannot let pass.

About two years ago, I had the opportunity to work with an Ethics class in Eastern Washington. The students in this class were amazing.

After explaining insurance fraud to them, they were asked for their input in creating a message that teens could use to learn about fraud and how to deal with it, if they were ever faced with it.

And did they help us! The students and their contributions were amazing.

Although, I was unable to proceed with this project at that time, the core team at is in full agreement that educating our nation's youth is an important undertaking. You'll notice that when you clicked onto TEEN EDUCATION, every letter was capitalized. That was not an error; it was intentionally written that way to make a point of how important we all believe the topic is and why we are piggy-backing it onto the Fight Fraud America campaign.

One of the things that the Washington students contributed was a storyboard. Their efforts are going to be the basis of a downloadable video and study guides (which we will submit to each state for approval) that can be used in the classroom. This course could be used in Ethics, Economics, Driver's Education, or Life Learning classes. Our hope is that every high school student in America will be offered this learning module prior to completion of 12th grade - one which will help teach them that fraud is just plain wrong. 

The time is now. Fight Fraud America!


Recently released for X-Box 360: Saint's Row

This game, produced by Volition, Inc., takes Grand Theft Auto to another level. The reviews report beyond "stealing" cars, shopkeepers can be "held up" and "killed", and, in addition to street racing, the game now includes "Insurance Fraud" missions. All designed to make money and "earn respect."

The language that looks like it will appear on the box doesn't reveal the truth of the game. Read the review here:

Hopefully, most will understand this is a game and leave it at that, but like virtual flying, the more you do it, the easier it is to make the real landing. That's why pilots train this way, as do the military.

Let's not make it easy to accept criminal behavior as a given.