Now it's time for us to let you know how serious we are about our passion to educate and provide tools and resources to protect ourselves and to provide the links to report fraud.

Like Uncle Sam WE WANT YOU!

WE WANT YOU to help us to help America fight fraud. Forward the link to our website to anyone you know who can benefit from the information we have compiled.

WE WANT your TIME and your PASSION to spread the word about who we are.

WE WANT your feedback.

And, possibly, in the very near future, WE MAY WANT YOU to assist us in getting the message not only to WE THE PEOPLE, but to THEY THE POLITICIANS.

To effect change, we not only need to educate ourselves, but those who make the laws on our behalf. We must let them know our concerns and offer solutions to resolve these problems.
As we travel throughout the country educating others, we, too, will learn. Our travel blogs will keep you updated, so check this site often.

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