We are people who believe that communication and education are the keys to the future. We are people who object strongly enough -- to the impact that fraud is having on our society and our pocketbooks -- that we are willing to attempt to do something to make a difference. We are people who truly want to set America straight; to return to the "honesty is the best policy" mentality and to help every citizen understand the harm that those who seek to steal cause to us all. We are ordinary people with an extraordinary mission.
Leslie - As Executive Editor of the John Cooke Fraud Reports, she has traveled the world as both a journalist and as a speaker/teacher. A recognized expert on Financial and Insurance Frauds, she has been devoted to fraud-fighting for twenty years. 

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Diana - A retired Special Investigation Unit investigator for a major US insurance company. Diana has a special interest in educating (and providing investigational tools) so every Joe and Jane America can recognize what is going on around them and can take a united stand against those who attempt to steal.

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John - retired marketing executive for a major insurer, John's specialty is/was worker's compensation. He is the John of John Cooke, having helped to launch the foremost publication for insurance fraud investigators in 1994.

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