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Fraud is a multi-billion dollar criminal industry, costing Americans more than the combined annual spending of many countries around the world. The only economic crime that costs us more is tax evasion.

There are numerous safeguards in place to prevent fraud, but they are mostly inefficient. Full of loopholes, these safeguards merely force the crooks to be a little bit more selective and/or creative. Only we, the consumers, can stop fraud in its tracks. But to do that, we have to understand it.

Investigations across the country have determined that money stolen through various fraud schemes is often used to support the purchase of drugs and illegal weapons, and even to fund terrorist organizations.

These criminals specialize in car theft, staged auto accidents, health insurance scams, identity theft rings, credit card thievery, investment scams ... and the list goes on and on.

Every person in America is at risk. One in six US adults has had his or her identity compromised during just the first half of 2006. Senior citizens have been swindled out of their life savings, and honest businessmen have found their efforts lost to crooks. This list, too, goes on and on. No one is safe.

FIGHTFRAUDAMERICA.COM is a grassroots campaign seeking to EDUCATE and EMPOWER. These pages will provide you with information about various schemes to help you recognize them. But as fast as schemes can be identified, criminals are thinking up new scams, so we urge you to bookmark this site and check in often for updates.

Insurance companies, financial institutions, law enforcement and state employees are doing what they can, but the problem is growing far faster than the current efforts can control. America is losing ground.

Today, right now, it's time for honest Americans to step up and take a stand. It's time to JUST SAY NO TO FRAUD. It's time to stop being victimized by those who think they have the right to steal. It's time to no longer tolerate the frauds being perpetrated on us. It's time to be outraged by the amount of dollars being lost to fraud.

Knowledge is empowerment. FIGHTFRAUDAMERICA.COM wants to empower you by providing the information you need to not only recognize fraud, but to stop it in its tracks.

Think about what Americans could do with all the dollars that Fraudsters are stealing! A National Healthcare Plan, free college educations for our children, better programs to help the less fortunate become productive and prideful. There is an almost limitless list of where this money could be spent to make our country better. Think about how much you, the consumer, are paying each year out of your pocket so that others can live well on your free money! What could you do with the thousands of dollars you could save each year?

Here are some startling facts:

One third of every dollar spent (at the doctor's office, at the grocery store, for credit card charges, etc.) ends up in the pocket of a bad guy. Sometimes the way that it happens is not readily apparent to consumers, but the result is still the same. ONE THIRD!

Year after year, studies indicate that more than 25% of "honest" Americans believe that committing insurance fraud is an acceptable practice. In order to reduce insurance fraud, that perception must be changed. When America realizes that "they are stealing MY money," perhaps our population will get more vigilant about reporting abuses and more enraged about tolerating them.

Fraud is a crime; it affects our economy and our bank accounts and it supports groups that are attempting to cause great harm to the people of our country.

FIGHTFRAUDAMERICA.COM's goal is to educate the public about this issue. This site is dedicated to all of us who are tired of paying the costs of fraud so that others can reap the benefits. The links on this site will take you to pages that will address (in more detail) fraud issues and empower you to protect yourself. It will also provide links to allow you to report fraud when it has been committed against you.

In coming months, we will be taking this message across the country in a grass roots effort to provide fraud fighting information to the public. Our site will be updated with event locations and "on-the-road" blogs relating fraud stories we uncover, as well as real people interviews. If you have an event at which you would like us to appear, please contact us.

Most importantly, we urge you to take a stand regarding fraud.

If you know someone who has committed fraud, report them. Become part of the effort to return America to the honest people and to make ethical behavior the rule of our day to day lives. (If someone broke into your home to steal something from you and were caught, wouldn’t you want them prosecuted? With fraud, the difference is that they are not breaking into your home or office to steal, they are lying -- the politically correct term is "misrepresenting"-- about their loss or their injury or their crime in order to obtain money they are not entitled to receive. Whose money? YOUR money!)

If you have money you'd like to donate, give it to your local law enforcement agency, specifying you want the money to go to the fraud-fighting unit.

However, if you would like to keep YOUR money in YOUR wallet, take a stand. Report Fraudsters!

If don't find a link in these pages to report your particular fraud crime, contact us. We'll find out who should be contacted and put you in touch with the correct agency.

If you have a fraud issue that is not covered in this site, contact us so we can add that information to the site.

We are making every effort to provide a one-stop location to educate Americans about fraud and to provide the links you need to report the crime to the proper authorities.

Don't forget to bookmark us! You may not be a victim today, but the chances are very good that you will be one tomorrow.


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